Swarovski Trimlite Line

Swarovski Trimlite Figurines

Swarovski produced crystal figurines for the Trimlite line during most of the 1980's. Approximately 200 figurines were produced under the Swarovski name Trimlite or Zales (a department store) name. A few of the more popular groups in the Trimlite line include:

  • Circus Clowns & Marching Band

  • Clearly Kids Stuff

  • Crystal Animation

  • Crystal Champions

  • Crystal Express

  • Frosty Friends

  • The Gnome Family

  • Tree Trimmers

  • Wings N Things

  • Zoo Animals

Swarovski Trimlite Collectibles from the 1980's

The Swarovski Trimlite crystal figurines were generally 1-2 crystal components with 1-2 molded parts, gold or silver in color, attached to them to create a decorative collectible figurine. Many were human-type figurines or animal-type figurines. The people-like collectibles were figurines in the Trimlite Gnome Family group, Trimlite Circus Clowns and Marching Band group, Trimlite Crystal Champions group, and Trimlite Clearly Kid Stuff group. Figurines having to do with transportation are in the Trimlite Crystal Express Group. Insects are in the Trimlite Wings N Things group. The Trimlite Tree Trimmers are all Christmas ornaments. Nearly all the Trimlite crystal figurines were introduces in the early 80's and retired by the late 80's. The original price range of Trimlite figurines was typically $25 - $100, but since Swarovski Trimlite collectibles are now so difficult to find in good condition, many now sell in the range of $150 - $400.

Packaging and Logos Trimlite figurines by Swarovski

Swarovski did not have any type of Swarovski certificate with its products, so there is no accompanying certificate of authentic with the Trimlite figurines. The Trimlite "T" logo may be found stamped in the metal of on the Swarovski Trimlite crystal figurines, but many are unmarked. The boxes were white with a plastic wrap-around that resembled a ribbon.