Crystal Exchange America is a Reputable Dealer

Our Mission as an Expert Swarovski Dealer

Our primary goals are to operated at a low commission rate and do complete inspections of Swarovski Crystal to ensure satisfaction to all our customers, buyers and sellers alike. Being Swarovski Crystal collectors ourselves, we know the importance of expert inspections.

Our Company Story

Crystal Exchange America is a brokerage service for Swarovski Crystal that was started in April, 1997.  The company is an online store operated out of Middletown, Ohio (USA). Crystal Exchange America has been on the CIB Panel of Experts since 1998.

Our Business to assist in Selling Swarovski and Buying Swarovski

We are a professional brokerage service dedicated to helping Swarovski collectors safely buy and sell Swarovski Crystal figurines.  Our firm deals exclusively in Swarovski Crystal.

We are Swarovski experts that assist collectors interested in buying and selling retired Swarovski. Our company has the best commission rate in the market, ultimately allowing buyers and sellers a better financial outcome. 

We are reputable, knowledgeable, and have a world-wide customer base with thousands of satisfied customers.  Please note that we are NOT an authorized Swarovski retailer, nor are we a gray market Swarovski Crystal dealer. We are a brokerage service and are here to service people and collectors who want to buy or sell Swarovski.

Benefits of Using Our Services

  1. We are REPUTABLE...

    • We are in our 15th year of successfully brokering Swarovski.

    • We are on the Collectors Information Bureau (CIB) Panel of Experts.

    • We have been included in issues of the Swarovski Magazine as a Reliable Service.

  2. Our commission is THE LOWEST... 20% of the List Price.
    Our commission includes a professional inspection at no additional cost. Some brokers add inspection fees on top of their commission. 

  3. Shipping and insurance is simple on to determine! See our Shipping Rates for Swarovski Crystal page for details.

  4. We inspect ALL items that we sell. Because we do thorough inspections, we have a very low return rate.

  5. All information about our customers is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Buyers and Sellers alike remain anonymous. And we do not sell information about our customers to anyone.

  6. We can confirm pricing and availability immediately (in most cases).

  7. Sellers are promptly paid when transactions are completed.

  8. All clients have piece of mind knowing that they are working with an expert Swarovski professional.