Selling Swarovski on Consignment

Consignment saves you the effort of identification, inspection, research, and pricing. This is especially important if you are not familiar with Swarovski.

This is a brief overview of the Consignment method of selling.

You must contact us directly if you believe this option is best for you. At that time, we'll make the determination if we can take on your collection.

  1. Compile a list of the Swarovski crystal you wish to sell. If you prefer not to do this, we'll identify the items once they arrive here.

  2. We enter your items into our database.

Over time, the figurines will be photographed and listed in online auctions (bidding or fixed price listings) As passe we will reduce priceskeep them competitive with 'like' figurines.

We cannot take collections on consignment if sellers are hoping to receive "top dollar" for the pieces. Swarovski Collections take space and are costly to insure, so it doesn't make sense for us to do this unless you are motivated to sell.

If a seller requests their items to be returned, a 15% fee, based on the LIST PRICE, WILL BE ASSESSED, plus the return shipping fee (minimum $20). The fees must be paid BEFORE we will return the items. Though we don't want to charge the fees, we have taken the time to inspect the item(s), store them, and insure them, and our inspection and storage services are not free.

A PDF document for easy printing of all the information on this page.

Crystal Exchange America is a retired Swarovski dealer. Decisions made on pricing will be in the best interest of selling the item, which is the owner's ultimate goal when shipping a Swarovski collection for consignment. We do our very best to obtain the highest selling price for the owner in the shortest listing period. Competive listings are always coming in. Supply, demand, likeability, crystal condition, and economy are always factors on the final selling price.

Advantages of Selling Swarovski on Consignment

  1. One time shipping, and you are done. In traditional sales, every time we have a buyer an item, you must visit the post office or local shipping depot to send us the item pending sale.

  2. Consignment saves you time and money shipping.

  3. Consignment saves you the effort of identification, inspection, research, and pricing. This is especially important if you are not familiar with Swarovski.

  4. Buyers are likely to purchase the items that are here as they can be delivered much quicker that one that must be shipped in from a different seller.

Selling Procedure for Selling Swarovski on Consignment

  1. We will perform Our Inspection once we have a buyer for the item.
    If the item fails our inspection, we will re-price the item based on the condition.

  2. We will process the buyer's payment and ship when we have the buyer's complete order here and inspected.

  3. Sellers are paid when the transaction is complete.
    We generally issue checks at the end of each quarter (March/June/September/December).

  4. Payment Options
    We issue business checks to pay all sellers and they are sent using 1st class US Mail (no fee). However, if you are an international seller or prefer a different method of payment, here are the options:

    • Wire-transfer - $25 fee for USA banks

    • Wire-transfer - $75 fee for international banks

    • "Bank check" / "Cashier's check" - $25 fee

    • Payment sent using "Registered Mail" or via UPS - $25 fee

  5. Sale Complete!

Online Auctions for Swarovski figurines on Consignment
Items that are here on consignment will be sold in the online auctions.

Final Note
Selling collections takes time. Depending on the size and contents of a collection, it may take months or even years.  If your collection is consigned, we are motivated to sell it. 

Feel free to check in and request us to set more aggressive prices if items are not selling as quickly as you like, but realistically, it may take months, or longer, so PLEASE be patient.

We set the prices to be competitive with our current listings and recent selling trends.

Online Auction Commission Rates

Our commission is 35% of the Selling Price.

On items $125 or less, it is the Final Selling Price minus $35.

Some items not sell for more than $35. In this case, the guaranteed minimum is $2 per item.