Swarovski Crystal Fanatics...the Swarovski Collecting Passion

Crystal Fanatics? What has collecting Swarovski done to us!

Being so adoring about your beautiful Swarovski Collection, you many have questions about the various Swarovski logos that you find imprinted on your retired Swarovski crystal pieces. Does crystal bearing the Block SC logo have a higher value? Can crystal have the block SC logo and the Swan logo? Should you join the ranks of the crystal fanatics and collect figurines with both the swan logo and block SC logo?

Swarovski Logo: Block SC * * * * * * * * * * * *Swarovski Logo: Swan

The original logo used on Swarovski figurines in the Silver Crystal product line was the Block SC. Essentially, this logo is the letter C, with the letter S inside the open part of the C. Swarovski used this logo from 1976 until 1988. Crystal bearing the block SC logo means that the crystal was produced sometime during those years.

The Swan logo replaced the block SC logo used on the Silver Crystal product line. Swarovski began using the swan logo in 1988 and still uses a swan logo today. Crystal bearing the Swan logo means that the crystal was produced 1988 or later.

Since some crystal retired before 1988, that crystal would be found only with the block SC logo. However, some crystal was introduced when the block SC logo was in use (prior to 1988), but the crystal did not retire until after the swan logo was introduced (1988), so those pieces can be found with either logo. The crystal may contain the old logo or the swan logo, but not both Swarovski logos on a single item. When Swarovski collectors are Swarovski crystal fanatics, they may be keen to own crystal figurines that were produced with both Swarovski logos.

The great Swarovski Crystal Fanatics debate....

Perhaps, you are a crystal fanatic, but do you need to pursue collect crystal with both the different logos for your Swarovski collection? Here, at Crystal Exchange America, we do NOT find that either logo is more valuable. Furthermore, we do not find that collectors have much of a preference which logo is on the Swarovski piece, just that they like the assurance that it is genuine when a Swarovski logo is present. Seeing the Block SC logo or Swan logo on their crystal figurines gives collectors that piece of mind.

Swarovski Crystal Fanatics....take note!

It is worthwhile to mention, that crystal may appear NOT to contain a logo, but this does NOT mean that it is not genuine Swarovski. Sometimes, logos are very pale. Sometimes, the logo may be situated in glue joints if the logo were applied prior to component assembly. It is also important to know that some of the very old pieces did not have logos applied to them. As in the case of Swarovski crystal paperweights, it may be on a sticker attached to the felt bottom. Early Christmas ornaments did not bear a Swarovski logo as they were released as a part of the Giftware Suite line. It was (and still is) possible that it accidentally escaped without a mark at all. And lastly, it is worth mentioning, that we have actually seen a few pieces with the Swan logo applied backwards! Now, there's a Swan to chase for dedicated crystal fanatics!

There is no affiliation with any collecting club. 'Crystal fanatics' is a term used to describe 'avid crystal collectors' Any enthusiastic Swarovski crystal collector can be called a 'crystal fanatic'