Swarovski Mother Nature

Swarovski Mother Natures takes over the Swarovski Paradise Collection

In 2013, Swarovski does a major re-alignment and structure change that renames the Swarovski Paradise Collection the new Swarovski Mother Nature collection. Mother Nature, along with Crystal Nature (formerly Swarovski Silver Crystal), and Contemporary Nature (formerly Swarovski Soulmates) together comprise the Swarovski Nature collection.

Swarovski Mother Nature Birds

  • Bee-eaters, Peridot

  • Gouldian Finches, Peridot

  • Hummingbird

  • Kingfishers, Blue Turquoise

  • Mandarin Ducks, Topaz

Swarovski Mother Nature Flowers

  • Danuba

  • Darigold

  • Waterlily, Blue Violet

Swarovski Mother Nature Sea Life

  • Emperor Angelfish, Jonquil

  • French Angelfish, Jonquil Moroda

  • Pearl Oyster, Vintage Rose

  • Sea Goldies, Topaz

  • Surgeonfish, Scuba Blue

It seems that all the retired Swarovski figurines are NOT being realigned as they are not addressed in the new structures that have been seen. So, don't forget......Swarovski Mother Nature = Swarovski Paradise!

Fact sheets for Swarovski Paradise can be found at RetiredSwarovski.com . These FREE, easy-to-use PDF files contain miniature photographs, year introduced, year retired, Swarovski designer, part number and system number. RetiredSwarovski.com will feature fact sheets for Swarovski Mother Nature once the product line has retirements.

Swarovski Mother Nature: Certificates and Packaging

Swarovski does not include any type product literature with the Mother Nature crystal. The boxes are the newer Swarovski blue packaging.