Crystal Exchange America's Purple Mark

During the inspection process, we put a purple removable mark on the crystal figurines.

This is a security feature to protect buyers and sellers alike.

For buyers: The security mark ensures that we have thoroughly inspected the crystal.

For sellers: The security mark ensures that in the event of a return from the buyer, you can be assured that the buyer is returning YOUR crystal to us, not some swapped-out piece from the buyer. We do NOT accept returns from buyers once the mark has been removed.

Removal Instructions: The mark can easily be removed using a q-tip with rubbing alcohol or window cleaner on a soft cloth. Do not apply liquids directly to the crystal as this make the figurines slippery and can easily fall out of a person's hands when it is wet.

The purple mark should be promptly removed from the crystal once the inspection period has expired or once the collector is satisfied with the purchase.