Swarovski Crystal Moments

Swarovski Crystal Moments are a favorite gift-giving idea

Swarovski launched a trial product line in 1992 within a small market in the USA. With positive results in the trial, the company officially launched Swarovski Crystal Memories in 1993 to all tahe official Swarovski retailers. In 2001, the name of the product line was changed from Swarovski Crystal Memories to Swarovski Crystal Moments. Swarovski felt that the new name, Swarovski Crystal Memories would better describe the collection as gifts to represent special lifetime occasions.

There are over 300 crystal figurines, past and current, in the Swarovski Crystal Moments collection. In the early days, the most figurines were less than 2 inches in size, and generally under $40. The Crystal Memories pieces were all made of clear / frosted crystal, usually with gold metal accents.

At present, many of the Crystal Moments figurines have signficant color decoration in these very attractive figurines. The size of the Crystal Moments pieces now varies from about 1 1/2" to 8", so they are no longer considered "small". While there are a number of items that are $50 - $100, some items in the Crystal Moments collection retail for over $600.

In 2013, Swarovski obsoleted the Crystal Moments product line and replaced the name with Universal Symbols.

Swarovski Crystal Moments: Certificates and Packaging

While the crystal figurines were known as Swarovski Crystal Moments, these collectibles were found in green boxes with white sleeves, or white boxes with white sleeves. The green boxes were used for Crystal Memories near 1993 and 1994 time period. The white boxes were used for Crystal Memories for a longer period of time....1995 to 2001.

The Swarovski certificate for the Crystal Memories / Crystal Moments have changed too. When Swarovski used the green boxes , there was green literature titled Crystal Memories. When Swarovski used the white boxes, there was white literature titled Swarovski Crystal Memories.

When Swarovski renamed the product line from Swarovski Crystal Memories to Swarovski Crystal Moments, the packaging color again changed. This time the change was to the newer blue boxes. When this change was implemented, Swarovski began using the same literature that they used for the Silver Crystal product line, but in a smaller version that fits into the tiny Swarovski Crystal Moments boxes.