Swarovski Home and Interior History

Swarovski Home and Interior Collection are Elegant and Practical

The crystal items in this collection are useful and elegant. Home and Interior designs include picture frames, tea lights, candleholders, bowls, toasting flutes, treasure boxes, and ballpoint pens. This Swarovski collection has undergone the most name changes since its launch in 2001.

Swarovski Home and Interior Aliases

  • Selection

  • Crystal Decor (2001)

  • Crystal Home Accessories (2003)

  • Home and Interior (2009)

Some items in the Swarovski Home and Interior collection were originally members of the Silver Crystal Collection and Crystal Moments collection. When the name changed from Crystal Decor to Crystal Home Accessories, they were moved to this collection to make it more complete.

At present, the company has two Swarovski Limited Edition offerings in the Swarovski Home and Interior collection. They are a Swarovski Ballpoint Pen and a Swarovski Crystalline Tea Light. Both items are online exclusives, meaning that they cannot be purchased in a Swarovski boutique or Swarovski retail store.

Swarovski Home and Interior: Certificates and Packaging

Swarovski includes product literature with the Swarovski Home and Interior collection. They include a Swarovski certificate. Swarovski uses blue boxes to safely ship and store the crystal figurines. The smaller ballpoint pens are not in boxes and do not have certificates....they are in form-fitted pouches. The Swarovski packaging marketed as Swarovski Selection, Swarovski Crystal Decor, and Swarovski Crystal Home Accessories was most likely white boxes with white sleeves.