Swarovski Harlequin - 7400 200 100 / 254 044

Swarovski SCS 2001 Harlequin - 7400 200 100 / 254 044. The Annual Edition Harlequin is the third issue of the Swarovski Collector's Society 'Masquerade'. The SCS Harlequin figurine is approximately 5" tall. Harlequin is a crystal figurine, kneeling on his knee, with a black mask on his face, extending a red rose with his right hand. The Pierrot and Columbine are the other 2 SCS designs in the Masquerade series. Swarovski Club figurine that originally required SCS membership to purchase.

Swarovski Collection: Swarovski Crystal Society

Theme Group: Masquerade

Designer: Anton Hirzinger